Esthetics by Design

A premier crown and bridge production laboratory located in Irvine, CA

It is adjacent to Dr. Robert Winter’s private prosthodontic practice, providing technicians the unique opportunity to see and understand clinical procedures, as well as how the types of restorations they produce appear in a patient's mouth.

Through thorough attention to detail, the use of microscopes, and the integration of current and emerging technology, the laboratory fabricates restorations with superior fit, natural form, proper function, and exceptional esthetics. Adhering to the restorative philosophy and principles taught by Drs. Winter and Kinzer in their continuing education courses, Esthetics by Design relies on a collaborative exchange of information and ideas with our clients to produce incomparable dental restorations. Our focus is on providing personalized service at a competitive price point for the product delivered. Our three tiers of restorations are fabricated with price differences reflective of the degree of fit, function and esthetics requested by the patient and dentist.

In addition to the quality of restorations produced, Esthetics by Design’s commitment to customer service and technical assistance sets the laboratory apart from its competitors. We offer the three tiers of restorations to meet the needs of every practice and patient – from practices that are insurance-driven to those with patients who have high functional and esthetic demands.

Service Focus

We believe the dentist-to-lab relationship is one of the most important in the industry. To elevate your lab relationship, provide consistency, and foster an environment designed for sustainability, all clients will be assigned a dedicated Client Service Representative and Technical Advisor to assist them with the case submission process.

Client Services Team

Client Service Representatives are responsible for onboarding new clients, helping you and your team manage logistics, and ensuring the lab has all the information and records needed to efficiently complete your case(s), and manage your account. Client Service Representatives may also assist on small technical issues such as margination and occlusal clearance questions. They are client focused to provide a high-level pro-active customer care.

Technical Services Team

Technical Advisors are available to you as technical resources for items including but not limited to case planning including diagnostic wax-ups, material selection, implant abutment selection, and trouble shooting. Trained by Dr. Robert Winter, our Technical Services Team members have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and procedures used in creating all tiers of our restorations, restorative material selection, implant technology, digital dentistry, CAD/CAM technology. They will help you set your cases up for long term success and are responsible for sustaining relationships with clients.

Case Consultations

Clients of Esthetics by Design may request a treatment planning or other type of case consultation with Drs. Winter or Kinzer. All case consultations must be prescheduled with Client Services. Please contact Client Services at for more information.

Tiers of Service

All restorations are produced using microscopes to achieve a precise restorative fit.

With each increase in tier of service, there is an increased level of magnification. Restorations for each individual case can be ordered in one tier only – tiers cannot be combined for one case. This is because the same technician works on an entire case so there is no variation in the fit, function, and esthetics of the restorations produced.


Express tier units are available for those patients who are looking for industry leading fit, form and function at a lower price point.

With Express units, you can expect the following:

  • Monolithic stained and glazed restorations. The units are produced using material which replicates the natural translucency of teeth, with surface characterizations applied on the outer surface of the restoration to mimic the look of a natural tooth.
  • Because the color of the underlying tooth can influence the appearance of the translucent material choice, significant discoloration of the underlying tooth structure can show through the material, increasing the risk it will influence the final esthetic appearance. If there is significant discolored underlying tooth structure or more complex functional or occlusal issues, we recommend that the patient consider a Classic tier restoration. The high strength zirconia used for Express units is more opaque which may mask the underlying preparation, however, the restoration may appear higher in value (brighter) than the adjacent natural teeth.


Classic tier restorations are for dentists and patients that demand a higher level of esthetics in the final restoration, or that need to mask darker underlying tooth structure.

With the Classic tier, you can expect the following:

  • The Classic tier offers exceptional fit, form, and function in a restoration that has a natural tooth appearance, providing a predictable esthetic outcome.
  • Restorations at this tier of service are produced by more highly skilled and experienced technicians.
  • The Classic tier is a great choice if there is the need for more critical attention to designing the occlusion and establishing proper function.
  • As opposed to the Express level restoration, anterior Classic restorations are cut back and layered on the labial surface with ceramic to provide optimal esthetic results.
  • Restorations are designed and artistically crafted to offer natural transitions and color variations and craze lines if needed. The result is a restoration that has the translucency and 3-dimensional appearance of a natural tooth.


Our Ultimate tier restorations are carefully crafted by world-class master ceramists.

These restorations represent the pinnacle of laboratory artistry with meticulous attention to detail by master ceramists and offer the utmost attention to detail utilizing their time-tested skills and knowledge related to esthetics and occlusion. The Ultimate tier of restorations are designed for those patients with high restorative expectations or whose case requires the skills only a master ceramist can provide by virtue of their training and experience.

With the Ultimate tier, you can expect the following:

  • Ultimate restoration esthetic outcomes come as close as possible to natural dentition.
  • The artistry used in crafting the restorations is determined by the appearance of the natural teeth being matched or the desired esthetic outcome, including those for patients who desire lighter, cleaner, or brighter restorations.
  • There is exceptional attention to internal details in color, translucency differences, craze lines, and other natural variances. These internal details will match adjacent teeth as closely as possible, making an Ultimate restoration difficult to distinguish from a natural tooth and creating a harmonious appearance in the mouth.
  • The Ultimate restoration is the perfect choice for dentists most esthetically discriminating patients, or those which present with difficult esthetic and occlusal challenges.


  • Diagnostic Wax-ups: Diagnostic wax-ups are fabricated when the dentist or patient desires esthetic or functional changes. They may be ordered for diagnostic purposes and/or patient education. It is a collaborative process which provides a visual representation of the proposed changes before treatment begins.
  • Provisional Restorations: Provisionals provide a duplicate of the desired changes in esthetics/function which were established in the diagnostic wax-up. Provisional restorations can be used in trial therapy so patients can ‘try-out’ proposed esthetic or functional changes. The provisional is also trial therapy to allow the patient to see and feel the expected changes. Esthetics by Design fabricates shell provisional (crowns only) or provisionals fabricated on the cast of the tooth preparations. They can be used for long-term temporary restorations when treatment is staged.
  • Veneers/Inlays/Onlays/Veneer-lays: These are partial coverage anterior or posterior restorations fabricated to achieve desired functional or esthetic changes. These restorations are available in all service tiers.
  • Crowns and Veneers: Esthetics by Design provides full and partial coverage restorations to achieve the desired functional and esthetic changes requested by the dentist and patient. Crowns and veneers are durable and can last many years if properly cared for. Crowns are full coverage restorations generally considered a better solution for a tooth with significant discoloration or that has been compromised by decay, damage, or a root canal. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain which primarily covers the front of the tooth.
  • Bridges: A dental bridge replaces a natural tooth with a restoration (called a pontic) that is held in place by the abutment teeth on either side of the missing tooth. It can be made from a variety of materials to esthetically blend with the surrounding natural dentition.
  • Implant Abutments, Bridges and Restorations: Abutments are the connection of the final restoration to a dental implant. Esthetics by Design has both custom and stock abutment options when available. Implant restorations are crowns that attach to the implant via an abutment. Depending on the circumstance, pink porcelain may be needed to replace missing gum tissue.